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 Cat microchipping laws are changing


As of the 10th of June 2024 it will be the law in England for all domestic cats and kittens to be microchipped by the age of 20 weeks old. This law ensures that cats can be easily identified and reunited with their keeper should they ever get lost or stolen.
This was decided in March 2023, following a public initiative which showed that 99% of people supported the compulsory microchipping of pet cats. There is an estimated number of 9 million pet cats in England, with as many as 1 in 4 of them not being microchipped*. 
If your cat is not already microchipped, it is important to get them chipped before this deadline to avoid a possible fine of up to £500*. If you are unsure if you cat may be already chipped, We at Scan & Chip can check for you by using a scanner to check for the chip. If it turns out that your cat is not yet microchipped, do not worry!
The process of microchipping is very simple and involves inserting a small chip (around the size of a grain of rice) into the skin of your cat. It is very quick with little to no discomfort, very similar to them receiving vaccinations, so you do not need to worry about your cat being hurt or overly distressed.
This chip then links your cat to a 15-digit number which is held by a DEFRA compliant microchip database, Your personal details can then be securely stored and linked to this chip number in case of emergency, just like an emergency contact on your mobile phone.
If your cat is already chipped, it is important to keep the information on the chip up to date so that you can be contacted should your cat ever stray. We can check which database holds your cat's microchip information.
We will be adding more information on the new cat microchipping law soon, 

Here at scan and chip we can offer microchipping implant services.

please feel free to contact us either by phone or email 

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