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Microchip Bookings will be made for whole litters of puppies or kittens to be micro chipped between 6-8 weeks of age and that are still currently kept with the breeder.
Once puppies or kittens have been micro chipped and registered, it will then be the responsibility of the breeder to transfer the keepership of the microchip to the new owner via the animal tracker website.  

We will supply the breeder with information on how to do this if unsure.

The law states that any puppies must be micro chipped by the breeder, and registered to the breeder by 8 weeks old and before the puppy goes to its new home.


The Micro chipping of Dogs (England) regulations 2015 no 108
It is also to come in to effect in 2023 that it will be compulsory for cats to be micro chipped and kittens to be micro chipped by the breeders before leaving for their new homes.
All cats to be chipped by June 2024

Microchips will last for the entirety of your pet’s life ensuring a speedy reunion if you’re pet goes missing. The microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice and do not cause any discomfort to your pet, these microchips have anti migration technology to ensure they stay in the site implanted.






Each microchip is individually packaged and sterile until opening. Every pack comes with an I.D collar tag with your pet’s microchip number; this will enable people to find your details without needing to visit a pet care centre. Also included is a small plastic card with your pet’s I.D number, this can be kept in a purse or wallet at all times.

Microchip scanning






If you would like to check if your pet is microchipped or have misplaced your pets microchip details we also offer a mobile pet microchip scanning service. 
This service can only be provided for individual pets within a 5 mile radius of our business premises; we can travel further afield but this would incur costs of £1 per mile above the 5 mile radius.
If you have a litter of puppies/kittens/rabbits that have been microchipped but are now unsure of the pets identities (not sure which microchip belongs to which pet) we can also offer a scanning service for this.



Micro chipping (discounts available*)   from £10
Price shown is based on appointments in DH7 area of Co Durham,
Please contact me for an accurate quote further afield.
* Microchipping discounts are available dependant on size of litter
We also microchip rabbits, ferrets, rats.   

microchip implanter
microchip scanner
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