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We offer bird sitting services in your home. If you have too many birds to board, or do not want to have to get all of them tested for boarding, we offer a solution.

We will come to your home and check in on, feed, and do a health check on your birds. We will also make sure that the cage is clean and that they get some socialization.

If you have a specific safe area where you would like them to be able to get out and exercise, We are willing to manage their activity and make sure that they are safely back in the cage. 
Also, offer cage cleaning services and daily or regularly scheduled socialization sessions for your bird. 

budgie care

Aviary cleaning services includes

  • The bedding is removed and disposed of.  

  • The aviary is completely cleaned and disinfected.  

  • The nests and greenery are also cleaned and disinfected or replaced if needed.

  • *The windows are cleaned; and the aviary is dusted inside and out. 

  • The feed and water jars are cleaned and disinfected

  •  The grit and cuttlebone are filled and replaced as needed

  •  Your feed supply will be checked and refilled if needed.

  •  After the aviary is cleaned and disinfected, the bedding is added, the feed and water jars filled, and birds released back into their home.

  • After the cleaning of the aviary, we are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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