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Are you a business owner or an employee in Durham and surrounding areas?

Does your business invest in the mental health wellbeing of its employees?

Do you feel stressed with the events of day to day life?

Is your workspace tired and dreary?

Do you feel like you need to connect with nature, but don’t have the time?

Do you work in an industry where your customers could be anxious and need something to calm them down?

If you agree with some or all the above, that’s where I can help.

 As the co-owner of Scan & Chip, I can come to your workplace (or your home) and install a wonderful planted aquarium, co

I or one of the team will continue to provide maintenance on the tank ongoing for as long as you wish to keep it. 

I have over 40 years, experience keeping tropical fish from South America, Africa and Asia. I have kept 100s of different species and also bred many of them. 

If this is something you would be interested in, then get in touch for a chat. 


Enhance Your Business Space with a Fully Maintained Aquarium from Scan and Chip pet services

Durham businesses can now add a touch of tranquillity and beauty to their spaces with the help of Scan and Chip. A fully maintained aquarium can provide a multitude of benefits to a business, including reducing stress levels, enhancing employee productivity, and improving the overall ambiance of the workspace. With Scan and Chip pet services can enjoy hassle-free aquarium maintenance services that will keep their aquariums healthy.

Investing in a fully maintained aquarium from Scan and Chip pet services can help businesses create a more welcoming environment for their clients and visitors.


A beautifully designed aquarium can act as a centrepiece and make a lasting impression on clients. It can also help to create a more relaxed atmosphere, helping clients feel more at ease and comfortable in the space. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately benefiting the business.

The benefits of a fully maintained aquarium are not limited to client satisfaction; they also extend to employee wellbeing. Studies have shown that having an aquarium in the workplace can reduce stress levels and increase employee productivity. By creating a calming and soothing environment, employees may feel less stressed and more focused, leading to improved work performance.

Scan and Chip pet services offers a range of aquarium maintenance services that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each business. From regular cleaning and water changes to aquarium installation and design, their team of experts can ensure that each aquarium is in top condition. 

By outsourcing aquarium maintenance to Scan and Chip pet services, businesses can free up time and resources to focus on other important aspects of their operations.

In conclusion, a fully maintained aquarium from Scan and Chip pet services can provide a multitude of benefits to Durham businesses. From improving customer satisfaction to enhancing employee wellbeing, an aquarium can be a valuable addition to any workspace. 

What’s included? 
We wouldn’t be providing you with our very best service if we weren’t giving you an excellent choice in livestock to go hand-in-hand with your aquarium rental. Whether it be a tropical tank, a marine or a cold-water tank you are hiring, we want to ensure that your rental experience is as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. That means bringing the very best in tank equipment and colourful fish to your doorstep, complete with a seamless installation by our expert team of professionals.


Choose from a selection of incredible marine, cold water and tropical fish on offer, and create your very own miniature underwater world filled with vivid, eye-catching colour.

Once you are up and running with a hired aquarium, take advantage of our superb monthly service and maintenance procedure, by sitting back and letting us take care of all the cleaning and restoration. Our skilled team of technicians will provide the fish food, along with a full clean on each visit, removing any algae, dirt, debris and marks from the tank and decor, together with a full gravel clean. Of course, lighting, heating and filtration equipment is serviced to guarantee a peerless performance whilst we aren’t there, together with a water change which will be carried out to lower toxins and filter by-product levels.


If there are any medical requirements for any of your livestock – leave that to us too! We will administer medications and water treatment, whilst monitoring those fish requiring more intensive treatment – removing them and replacing them if needed. Finally, we also guarantee the hassle-free replacement of any accessories or equipment that, on an extremely rare basis, may be faulty together with any specimens outgrowing their living environment and with any deceased fish replaced on the next visit – all free of charge! What more could you possibly need?

£169 per month 
£600 setup fee
Maintained 1x per month

£1628 per year


£199 per month 
£600 Setup Fee
Maintained 2x per Month
£3160 per year


£390 per month
£600 Setup Fee
Maintained Weekly
£5680 per year

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